Political Jokes and Riddles from a Conservative Perspective

Jokes of The Conservative Papers is a humorous project of The Conservative Papers.  We hope that you enjoy the jokes and riddles on this site and invite you to comment and contribute your own material as well.

The Conservative Papers have been developed as an answer to the increasing wave of socialism sweeping our nation (the U.S.A.) and the world.

The title of our publication (the Conservative Papers) has been modeled after the Federalist Papers which were written during the days of our founding fathers. They sought to spread freedom and morality through conservative principles and we seek to do the same.

Through this blog, we hope to spread the ideas of capitalism by writing about the proven solutions of conservative ideals and by making the public aware of the dangers of complacency.

We welcome you to read through the ideas presented on these pages and also welcome your feedback in making this publication a successful one.


  1. Dixon, I love your work I’m sorry to hear about the LA gig. Please give me a call. I would like to put your cartoons on apparel I think we can both make some money and we don’t have a lot of time; 2016 right around the corner. The Liberals kicked the Conservatives ass in the last two elections because of a huge social media push in the 30 days before the election.

    The Liberals did an amazing job in the last 2 weeks before the 2008 and 2012 election. I think conservatives need to crank up their game when it comes to social media. FREE t-shirts is one way to do that.

    My name is Lee Newsom and you can reach me at 603 557-4838.I’m a US Special Forces veteran a grandfather, AND was VP of a public company which was sold yo HP. I’m on your Facebook and Twitter feeds both.

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