Things that I trust more than HILLARY CLINTON:


Things that I trust more than HILLARY CLINTON:Hillary Clinton Banner

* Tijuana tap water

* A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign

* OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection

* A fart when I have diarrhea

* Bill Clinton with my daughter.

* A Boko Haram Welfare Agency

* Arnold with your maid

* An elevator ride with Ray Rice

* Iraqi Infantry tactics

* Ted Bundy at my daughter’s prom

* Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby

* Megyn Kelly as my moderator

* Linda Tripp with a secret

* Elton John after I drop my soap

* Jacko at my kids pajama party

* Teddy Kennedy driving me over a bridge

* Jerry Sandusky in a Little League shower

* Michael Jackson’s Doctor

* An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran

* A Columbian on a motorcycle

* Pete Rose baseball stats

* Charle Sheen with my Coke line

* Vince Foster’s autopsy report

* Walter Palmer with my cat

*Tawana Brawley on the stand

* Mel Gibson at my kids Bar Mitzvah

* An Aztec cardiac specialist

* Liberian fruit bat BBQ

* Nancy Pelosi’s MENSA score

* A Nigerian with my Debit Card number

* Chinese condoms

* Chris Dodd’s mortgage application

* Timothy Treadwell as my Bear watching guide.

* An Arab with a backpack

* A Somali mail order body building course

* An Afghan with my goat

* Kim Jong Un with my pie.

* Sgnt Bergdahl on watch

* Firestone tires on a Ford Pinto

* Charlie Rangel’s tax return

* JFK Junior as my night pilot to M Vineyard

* A ham sandwich off Jeffrey Dahmer

* Barney Frank dropping twenty dollar bills

* Monica Lewinsky’s dress cleaner

* Georgia UFO witness’s with front teeth

* Jesse Jackson on a shakedown

* Gas station Sushi

* A Jimmy Carter economic plan

* Angela Merkel with German culture’s future

* A Volkswagen smog certificate

Laugh At This:  Hillary Gets a New Haircut

* A Boston Chechen with a box of pressure cookers

* Brian Williams news reports

* Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton

*Tiger Woods saying “you’re the only one baby

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