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Laugh At This:  How Scientists Took the First Image of a Black Hole
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      • Cartoonists are humorists who actually draw cartoons, not hacky conservative douches using someone else’s work and then regurgitating a bunch of thoughtless, humorless right-wing drivel over the top of it.

    • This guy is a first class jerk! The artwork is difficult for a conservative. It is the same cartoon so he doesn’t actually have to work and do different artwork every day like most cartoonist. And I can see how his simplistic characterizations appeal to those of low intelligence and parochialism. But enjoy! LOL!

          • Facts my ass. You can’t justify any of this. They’re all just Rethug lies., and has refuted every one of them.

      • Hey Colonel, when someone walks up behind you and shouts SIOUX! do you jump outta yer skin???

        Every word in every panel is the truth, I can see how it would upset your bleeding liberal heart…

      • Political cartoons are ALL about the language. The simplistic drawing with the language, in this case, creates personality and movement. Because of the simplicity of the drawing, one is not distracted and can ponder his thoughts, reflect, inquire, research while finding joy in the seriousness of it all. Dixon is gifted in that he can get more truth out with very few words. God Bless America and protect those that have the courage to defend this country whether abroad in uniform or here on the home front politically. 🙂

      • De gustibus non est disputandum — especially when it comes to the brain dead as represented by Custer articulating his last stand as a critic.

        • De gustibus non est disputandum — especially when it comes to the brain dead as represented by Custer articulating his last stand as a critic.

      • I understand you Col. Interesting that they’re jumping down your throat while ignoring that you ma actually be a “troop” that they claim to support. I wonder if they’ve ever considered that there are such things as diversified political views among military personnel. It’s hard to get across to those who still exist within a left/right paradigm that they’re being lied to. They still think that if someone doesn’t agree with them that they must be against them and/or wrong. If you’re not christian like they are then you must be Muslim. They’re against the distopian idea of a socialist govt’ controlling everyone yet they refuse to consider a single fact like this one: try typing out the word “christian” and the word “muslim” inside this reply box. Which one is considered misspelled because it’s not capitalized? Perhaps they would see more clearly if their eyes were placed on there knuckles. That part of there body seems to be further out front than any other part.
        A friend emailed this to me. The same guy who tried to explain how not voting was like voting for Obama. Polly wanna cracker? It easy to print opinions like money when the design never changes and just like printing money makes it less valuable the same goes for the opinion.
        Arguing the facts is missing the point. These people are so busy trying to fight about what kind of tree it is that they don’t realize the forest is in enemy territory. My hope for these people is lost a this point.

        • “Which one is considered misspelled because it’s not capitalized? Perhaps they would see more clearly if their eyes were placed on there knuckles. That part of there body seems to be further out front than any other part.”

          Speaking of misspelled, “their,” not “there.” Got it right one out of three times, par for today’s educational system.

        • You must be right about all that. I couldn’t follow your rambling rent. I must be one of the great white unwashed. You must be a racist too; criticizing the brilliant Dixon Diaz who is extremely dark skinned. That’s using left wing logic.

      • The ones with low intelligence and parochialism are definitely those who voted for Obama, and let’s add ignorance.

      • Custer needs to relive “Little Big Horn”. I’ll bet he is a yellow haired, arrogant jerk off!

        He probably is a Col. just like Col. Sanders was. Except he is a dumb cluck!

      • This ASShole, like all other Libtards, is only concerned about Emotion & graphics, not the important messages conveyed – that they are totally incapable of intelligently assessing! Needs to move to a Socialist country!

      • Don’t get your nickers in a twist. The Col. is obviously a right wing troll trying to get a rise out of you. Also using left wing logic he is a racist. Dixon Diaz is about as brown as Obama and so is Boombox

      • Col you are not only an idiot but a true disgrace to the military which many of us served and a general pain to the USA!!! Rant on fool you show us all what a dimwitted fool you are!!!

      • Yo DD!!

        Por favor agregarme a su lista de correo, gracias maestro de dibujos animados clásicos de conservación!!

        Muchas Gracias,


    • Being removed from the LA Times as I understand it was probably caused by sponsor pressures? So much for freedom of speech? I’d like to think Otis “Oates” Chandler would have approved of your work. We live in a democracy at least for now and we’ve lost balance due to the Liberal believing that Obama is a good leader? What? Liberals are blind and out of focus to any sort of common balance we all must have and desperately so! Go get’em Diaz we like your cartoon voice!

      • We don’t live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. At least it used to be a constitutional republic. Now, I guess, it’s just a republic.

    • At my advanced age, I skip most social media, but would love to receive your wonderfully on point cartoons. They would make my days!!!

    • Very relevant to Australia as our government is as dysfunctional as the US

      please add me to your email list for all future cartoons
      much appreciated,Thanks
      Ron Manners

  1. I also want to be on the mailing list for Boombox by Dixon Diaz. Any chance of collecting these great cartoons in a book?

  2. Surely would like to be on ur mailing list and receive cartoons, news, etc via email.

    I certify that I am over—WAY over—21 years of age!

    Thank you very much!

  3. These are the best political cartoons I have ever seen. They always make a great point about the liberals. Is there a mailing list? If there is I would like very much to subscribe to it.

  4. My ex mother-in-law forwarded me a sampling of your cartoons. Love the humor. Would like to be on a daily or weekly mail list if it becomes available.

    Kind regards,

  5. Please, I need to be on a mailing/subscription list for these cartoons that hit the nail on the head every time. What a great conservative talent we have here.

  6. These cartoons are great and what is so scary is that they are sooooo true. Love to get some to send to liberal friends.

  7. Like to get some of these to send to some liberals I know. They are funny and what is scary is that they are so true.

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  9. Is Dixon Diaz still around? I miss him since he left the (now defunct) Libtards page. If Boombox is still viable, I’d like to know where it can be found, as well.

  10. You have made my day, week, month and year by these oh – so clever cartoons! thank you so much!

  11. I want to be on the e-mail list to receive Boom Box. The press and the Democrats are going to hiillareous in the coming year.

  12. Great stuff! I wish the local daily down here in S Fla carried it.

    My only question is for the one guy who didn’t like it was why he bothered to continue to read it enough to get to the place where you write in…?

    Anyone else find that troubling?

    Of course the guy did say he’s a Colonel who’s “RET” which I hope means retired and not retarded. That would be discriminatory and insulting to some. Then again….

    Ol’ Doc Sorensen

  13. May I write one for you?

    Q:What do you call a neighborhood where only White people live?
    Q:What do you call a neighborhood when Negros move in?
    Q:What do you call a neighborhood when Whites move out?

  14. Love your “right on” political cartoons! Please add us to the list to receive them. It’s getting harder and harder for conservatives to have a voice.

  15. Please, Please add me to the mailing list. I cannot get any papers that carry your tidbits of wisdom!

  16. I would like to be on a mailing list for your cartoons … AND I’d like to “like” you on FB so I could get your posts.

  17. Love your cartoons and would also like to receive email updates of new Boombox cartoons! You are awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!!


  19. Uh, this is nothing but someone copying and pasting someone elses artwork in frames and adding their words to them. This is not a real comic strip. I wouldnt be suprised to find out there is no mailing list as I’m pretty sure the original artist of “Boondocks” Aaron McGruder wouldnt give his consent for someone to jack his artowrk for their own political agenda. And no this was never carried by the LA Times, so theres no way they could “stop” carrying it because of its message, thats just propoganda. Nevertheless the strips he ripped off are funny.

  20. I have been looking for a Boombox cartoon book but apparently there isn’t one. So Sad! There is a need for a book!

  21. The reason this comic was dropped from the LA Times and syndication is…because it never existed. This is made from cells of another strip and word bubbles, usually called a meme. The actual comic strip is called The Boondocks which also dealt with all types of political humor-left and right. The Boondocks’ creator left the LA Times to begin a new career in TV.

    • I’m sure our local newspaper wouldn’t carry Boombox if it were the only comic strip in the world. Thanks for providing a way to see your work

  22. Great political cartoons. Please add me to your mailing list. My local newspaper, the Clarion Ledger, doesn’t carry your work. Keep the cartoons coming!

  23. Yes, I worked for 40 years in the ‘Old’ Air Force – and also yes, there were many Colonels who just watched us work — due to a lack of ability.

    Obviously the words in the panels are the focal point here – and they are brilliant in their succinct brevity and relevance.

    Oh please, forward more along to me whenever you can.

  24. I thought cartoons were by definition suppose to be funny. Diaz’s are anything but. It’s sad to find that so many people think they are.

    • And you won’t.
      There is no daily cartoons from this guy.
      “Boombox” never appeared in the LA Times or any paper.
      He ripped off “The Boondocks” by Aaron McGruder and replaced the dialogue with his own.
      It’s called copyright infringement. Look it up, it’s in the constitution, Article I, Section 8.
      I guess hypocrites like this Diaz guy only pick and choose to follow the parts of the constitution that are convenient to him.
      Sony Pictures owns the rights to the Boondocks. I’m sure they’ve been in touch with him by now with a nicely worded threat to sue him into a black hole if he doesn’t stop ripping them off.

    • The problem is that your cartoons are addicted and when you don’t publish the withdrawal symptoms are harsh. I know the old saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I’m not ungrateful the cartoons you have published. I need more.

  25. I wonder if the original artist, Aaron McGruder of The Boondocks, knows that you are plagiarizing his work to create propaganda.

  26. Mr. Diaz trust me on this as a retired NYPD officer many years ago the ‘bad guy’ lack of a better word will do anything, go to any lengths to get a weapon and I mean anything. That leaves US the ‘good guys’ defenseless and they win. Well not in my lifetime & they (liberals) don’t get this or don’t want too.

  27. I love to share these on Facebook, but they don’t fit well. Is there a way to scale them down a bit & still retain the link? Put me on your mailing list please. Keep up the good work. Doonesbury needs competition.

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