More Muslim Jokes

An American, an Israeli, and a Palestinian are marooned on a desert island.muslim protesters

The American goes to one side of the island and builds a church.

The Israeli goes to the other side of the island and builds a synagogue.

The Palestinian goes,“BOOM!

Q: Why is there so much food at a Muslim wedding?

A: To keep the flies off the bride.
Q: Wanna hear a joke?

A: Muslim Women’s Rights.
Q: In an apartment building in London, Ahmed lives on the first floor, Mustafa on the second floor and Harry on the third floor. The building explodes – who lives?

A: Harry of course – he was at work.
Q: A Pakistani, a Turk, and a Moroccan are riding through Germany – who’s driving?

A: A police officer.

Q: Did you hear about the winner of the Islam beauty contest? A: Me neither.


Q: What is the most popular kids show in the Middle East?

A: Dora the Exploder!


Q: What do you call a Muslim stripper?

A: Youseen Memuff


Q: How do Muslims practice safe sex?

A: They mark the camels that kick.


Q. What can the Palestinians do to raise the average IQ in the West Bank?

A. Allow Jews to come in.

Mohammed heard one of his wives was leaving him, so he rushed home where he found her on the carpet in front of the tent with her belongings; he sat beside her and said,“I heard you were planning to leave me?”
She replied,“Yes, I heard your other wives saying you were a pedophile!”
Mohammed thinks for a minute or so and then responds,“that’s a mighty big word for a 6 year old.”

Laugh At This:  Europe's Future


Q How many Muslims does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, they prefer to sit in the dark and blame it on the Jews.


Q: How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
A: Dress her up as a goat.
Q: Did you hear the one about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?
A:Neither did I.


Q: Why do Muslims smell like piss?
A: So blind people can hate them too.



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  1. what came first, the chicken of the egg.

    Neither, every Muslin knows ALLAH made the male roster first, Infidel.

  2. you shouldnt insult muslims.they are not like that at donts say a thing that u dont have any information about.

  3. Nice to see Muslims are already in the christmas spirit. One just walked past me with a big load of candles strapped to his chest

  4. I just wanted to say I am greatly saddened by all racist and rude jokes you made about my religion. I know this religion is often misunderstood but if you took the time to study it you would be surprised at what a beautiful religion it is. Islam is a religion that many Muslims believe with every ounce of their being. They spend long nights praying to god and they face persecution in other places but do not give up their faith. Please I ask you to try to understand the sadness in my heart to see such demeaning jokes. I hope you can stop making these jokes about my religion or any other religion or race.

    • Lily I am more bothered by Islamic terrorism the ones really dragging Islam name in the mud. Who do you condemn morem the jokes that sadly some are not even jokes considering Radical ISlam, or the terrorist using Islam as their excuse to murder and harm God creations, the gift of life taken by Muslims extremist.

      Who do you condemn Lily, do you condemn those using you religion to do what you see on CNN or any news station, what are we non-Muslims to think of Muslims with all the atrocities committed in the name of Islam?

      Lily help stop radical Islam and guess what these jokes won’t make since anymore, but right now they are relevant and sadly even if a joke do describe some aspects of some Muslims. Glad to see you have not joining in their barbaric ways and hopefully disagree with them more than a few harmless jokes!

      Lily if you believe God is our creator then you know he created life, the only ones that wants to destroy life is the Anti God, we call him Satan!

    • Maybe you could clear up one of the biggest delusions western people have about Islam. Something like if a person of a different faith must be killed if they refuse to convert to Islam. That’s definitely not something your faith or any true faith in God would promote, right?

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