The Last 11 American Presidents In Uniform

Laugh At This:  ObamaCare……The Top Ten Indicators Your Employer has changed to the Obama Care Program.
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  1. That’s Hilarious! The Photoshop Fools put Obama in a Sikh Headdress! Sikhs are from India and are most definitely NOT Muslim. The uneducated can be SO entertaining! And that Picture of ole “W” in Air Force Uni must have been before he disappeared for a year or two for Cocaine and Whisky. He wouldn’t be charged with Desertion or even AWOL because he had connections. Pretending to serve to me, as a veteran is a lot worse than not serving. That recklessness played out when he became President too, Lying our way to an un-funded war, Killing more than 4500 AMERICANS and dragging the USA into an economic Meltdown. Still, that’s a funny picture!….Obama the Sikh, must’ve been a Guru!

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