Who said?

At Memorial Day speech:
“We are here to remember our fallen soldiers, many of whom I see here tonight”
He can see the dead!

When teleprompter fails:
“uh, uh, uh…..”

On tonight show:
“I bowl like I’m in the Special Olympics”

On campaign trail:
“I’ve been to 57 states, I think I have 1 more to go”

In regard to health care bill:
“Our reform will create inefficiencies in our system“(spoke the truth by accident)

When introducing running mate:
“Let me introduce you to the next President of the United States, Joe Biden”

At speech:
“I’ve spoken to all previous Presidents……”

Some are paraphrased but all on tape and there’s 43 more of these…No wonder Obama can’t talk without TOTUS. He must truly be the messiah, he sees dead people and talks to other dead people..

Laugh At This:  Parallels of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama
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